DIY Contact-less sanitizer

Our product:

The Sanitizer kit

Human have always been a social animal, so naturally its difficult to follow new norms.

With the current scenario created due to the nasty sticky virus Covid-19, it is the need of the hour that we amend our basic personal hygiene habits. This includes washing hands frequently, using sanitizers, observing social distancing etc.

To address this issue, we have introduced an automatic sanitizer dispenser kit, to enable you to DIY your very own hygiene device.

This device is suitable to use for homes, offices, shops, at main entrance to a building etc. The setup is quick and fun to do.

All you need is a standard sanitizer pump bottle with alcohol based sanitizer of course.

Bectosil Hand Sanitizer Dispensor, Packaging: 500 mL, Rs 130 /for ...

The mechanism:

A servo motor controlled by Arduino Nano/ UNO operates the sanitizer bottle’s pump head to squirt the adequate amount of hand rub.

The setup:

The head of the sanitizer pump is attached to the servo motor using a sturdy wire strand passed through the respective holes provided on the head.

One side of the strand is tied to the servo whereas the other end of the strand is tied fixed to the base stand of the device.

The servo controller, Arduino Nano is burned with the respective code to perform the desired task.

The Code:

You can use any code of your preference, below is one such example to get you started with.

Servo sg90servo;
void setup() {
  pinMode(7, INPUT);


void loop() {

All the materials required for this project can be ordered from through the link provided below.

Buy Pinwheel DIY Contact-less Hand Sanitizer kit

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