War Combat Robot Design

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaB8ILUyn64 Build Your own War Combat Robot Difficulty Level : Expert Programming : Arduino IDE Chassis : 4Wheel Differential Belt Drive Power: 12V 1.3Ah Lead Acid Battery Control: RF Based Wireless Remote Functions: 4 Wheel Belt Driven Robotic Gripper - Screw Type Robotic Arm- Screw Type Flame Sensor Metal Detector Automatic Gun Water Pump Parts... Continue Reading →


This project is mainly about the indoor mobile robot navigation based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to improve the moving trajectory, which is to navigate tasks of target tracking with the specified approaching configurations. Radio frequency (RF) technologies are also widely used in indoor localization. It improves the accuracy of locating the objects by utilizing... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Motor Drivers

Connecting motors to micro-controllers or controller board such as Arduino directly in order to control them is not possible. Since, they need more current than a micro-controller can drive so we need drivers. The driver is an interface circuit between the motor and controlling unit to facilitate driving. L293D & Motors : Motors used in academic robots normally... Continue Reading →

DIY Contact-less sanitizer

Our product: The Sanitizer kit Human have always been a social animal, so naturally its difficult to follow new norms. With the current scenario created due to the nasty sticky virus Covid-19, it is the need of the hour that we amend our basic personal hygiene habits. This includes washing hands frequently, using sanitizers, observing... Continue Reading →

Contactless Hand Sanitizer Project

Convert your regular sanitizer dispenser into contactless Sanitizer dispenser. This is a pretty cool project that will also keep you safe from corona virus . Install it in your Car , main door entrance , in the wash basin . All the materials required for this project can be ordered from Amazon.in through the link... Continue Reading →


Aim: The main aim is to make a virtual display for affectation of ones thoughts. It could be a birthday present for the beloved ones. Working : Rotating LED Display or POV Display is a rotating LED strip, and LEDs blinks according to alphabets, that makes some visible words. The complete working is shown in... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION We live in an era of high pacing world, where its very difficult to have control over  everything with the help of human supervision. Since then, there‚Äôs been  the constant effort by the engineers and scientists to minimize the burden of having control over domestic workloads; which progressively lead to the development of the... Continue Reading →

IR remote controlled car

Aim: The main objective of this project is to build an Arduino controlled Robot Car with Infrared Remote IR. Components used:- 1.TSOP 1738: The TSOP sensor has the ability to read the output signals from home remotes like TV remote, Home theater remote, AC remote etc.. All these remotes will work with a frequency of 38kHz and this... Continue Reading →

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